Real men don’t buy girls

Real men don’t buy girls.

Enfin un buzz qui en vaut la peine. Parceque le trafic humain est le business le plus lucratif au monde. Parcequ’on en parle pas assez. Parceque c’est plus vendeur de parleur du trafic d’armes ou de drogues. Parceque ce trafic parait impossible. Inhumain. Parceque ça arrive loin c’est un peu moins grave? Parceque si c’était si grave et important on en parlerait plus? Voila aujourd’hui on en parle!


Si on parle de cette si belle action, c’est grâce (en autre) à la fondation créée par Ashton Kutcher et Demi Moore pour lutter contre le trafic humain et les esclaves sexuels. Et c’est en mobilisant tous leurs copains stars que le message passe. On peut retrouver Drake, Sean Penn, Jamie Foxx, Justin Timberlake… sur des photos avec le panneau « Real men don’t buy girls » mais également dans des petits clips humoristiques contre le cliché en général et plus précisément contre le trafic humain.

Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur leur fondation et leurs actions, rendez-vous sur leur site .


“The issue of sex slavery is more monumental than most people realize, and we’re trying to get the word out. Even though slavery was abolished hundreds of years ago, more people are slaves today than ever before and the numbers are soaring. Men, women and children are enslaved for many purposes including sex, pornography, forced labor and indentured servitude.
The more educated I became about the issue, the more horrified I was. Demi and I decided that there’s no way we can live in a world where this exists and not do anything about it, and we hope that you feel the same way too.
You can help by first educating yourself on the issue, then by talking to others about the issue, and lastly by supporting organizations like DNA that are working to raise awareness about child sex slavery, change the cultural stereotypes that facilitate the problem, and help rehabilitate innocent victims.
Two million children are bought and sold in the global commercial sex trade. In just the United States, between 100,000 and 300,000 children are enslaved and sold for sex, and the average age of entry into prostitution is 13.
That is why we’ve launched a multifaceted campaign to educate society about this growing issue, eliminate the demand for sex slavery, and to make it harder for people to be a part of this abusive industry. Check out” – Ashton Kutcher


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